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     Champion Safes
Champion Triumph Series safes offer one of the best safe buys for a heavy duty high security gun safe. They
feature stepped doors for better pry protection. Also there are two sets of heat expanding door seals to keep the
heat out during a house fire.
bolts on top & bottom, 5 or 6 bolts on both left & right side, 2 top shelves, door mounted holster & storage pocket
T50 Interior showing gun racks and door mounted pistol pockets
color: golddust
Triumph 40 - 38x66x27", 1,075 lbs,, 20 gun rack on left side, shelves or add 20 more long guns to right side.
Local In-home delivery & install $200

Triumph 50 - 44x72x27", 1,225 lbs, 24 gun rack on left side, shelves or add 20 more long guns to right  
Local In-home delivery & install $225

Triumph 60 - 50x72x27", 1-,450 lbs, 30 gun rack on left side, shelves or add 20 more long guns to right side
Local In-home delivery & install $250
Champion Medalist Series Safes
60 minute/1350 degree fire rating
-door bolts on all 4 sides-reinforced door frame
-S&G combination lock -relocking devices
-Door mounted storage unit
-Lifetime Warranty
-- $1,099 textured finish
Suggested Retail $1,499
--$1,249 gloss finish
-Suggested finish $1,699
---Local In-home delivery $125
Champion Trophy Series safes feature; new door mounted storage unit -75 minute/1500 degree fire rating, 4 way
bolts (2 top & 2 bottom plus side bolts), 1" composite door, reinforced door frame, relocking devices, S&G
--$1,449 Gloss Finish
--$1,299 textured finish
Suggested Retail $2,099
---local in-home delivery $125
-37x60x29" -880 lbs, up to 36 long guns
--$1,549 textured finish

Suggested Retail $2,299
--local In-home delivery $150
-43x72x31" -1,150 lbs, up to 41 long guns
----$2,299 Gloss finish
---$2,099 Textured Finish
Suggested Retail $3,199    
--local in-home delivery $200          
--Medalist 31 --36x60x25 --700 lbs --up to 28 long guns
--2 top shelves
--remove side shelves to hold 52 total long guns
--door mounted storage system with holsters & storage pouches
--Standard Medalist Features (see above)
textured grey finish $1,699
--Local In-home delivery $200
add an Lagard electronic lock $100 extra
--We have many other safes in stock please call or come by our showroom

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Extra Heavy Duty
50"Wx72"Hx27"D, 1,725 lbs, 3/16" solid steel body, heavy double step door,
glass relocker, heavy duty bolt system, door mounted storage, S&G combination lock
(interior similar to above except wider)
Local delivery & install $300
Trophy - 50 - 35 & 25
Interior -Trophy 35
Door Storage -Trophy 35
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