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Emperior series -1" body steel & 1-1/2" door steel (2,700 lbs - 5,400 lbs)
Fortress series -1" body steel & 1-1/2" door steel (2,700 lbs - 5,400 lbs)
(Fortress door consists of a layer of A-36 steel & a layer of manganese)

General Features:
**1-1/4" Stainless Steel Bolts, Hardened-Steel Ball-Bearing plates protecting lock, randomly positioned
Live Relockers both thermally mechanically activated. Fortress Series also has additional anti-drill
barriers; Carbide Chip Plates & Deflector Plates (which are available as options on the other series
safes).Fire protection - Body has 1.5" of insulation with inner steel wall, door has high temperature heat
and smoke seals plus a layer of insulating material.

Your first question may be why would anyone need a safe that is heavier than our Superior or Champion
safes? Even though the top of the line Superior and Champion safes are very good safes they are not as
secure as a Graffunder Safe. A Graffunder safe is the quality of safe that you would want if your safe
contents exceed $100,000. For example if you have extremely valuable jewels, gold bullion, fine or highly
collectible firearms.

Every Graffunder safe is basically hand made to your specifications.
They offer several levels of security.
Castle Series -C7248
-71"Hx48.5"Wx28.25"D -3,600 lbs.
-Granite Textured Finish
-#6  Interior
of fire insulation, 1" thick solid steel
door. Note; heavy corner
reinforcing and small space
between door and door frame.