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Champion Safe Statement

Champion Safe offers
customers the best value on
the market today. Our Fire
Protection Technology has
been tested in the lab and
proven in the home.  The
current design improvements
include increased steel in the
door and more door pry

Champion offers 5 levels of security & fire protection

Crown Series

3 sizes- 45-65 cu.ft., 

Body Steel-3/16″,

Door Steel– 2 layers 1/4″+10 ga., 

Fire Rating-2 Hours @1,750 Degrees F

weight- 1,465-1,875 lbs., 


Triumph Series

6 sizes- 25-75 cu.ft., 

Body Steel- 10 gauge, 

Door Steel– 2 layers 3/16+12 ga., 

Fire Rating-90 minutes@ 1,650 degrees F

weight- 875-1,750 lbs.

Trophy Series
5 sizes- 17-60 cu.ft., 
Body Steel– 11ga.
Door Steel2 layers 10ga.+14ga.
Fire Rating-75 minutes@1,500 degrees F
weight- 500-1,275 lbs.

Victory Series
5 sizes-15-45 cu.ft.
Body Steel- 11 ga.
Door Steel
2 layers 12ga.+14ga.,
Fire Rating-
60 minutes@1,350 degrees F
weight- 450-900 lbs.,

Model T
1 size- 21 cu.ft.
Body Steel- 12 ga., 
Door Steel– 2 layers 12ga.+14ga.,
Fire Rating-
60 minutes@1,325 degrees F

Vault Doors – Several models available, please see factory website.