Graffunder Gun Safes
Every Graffunder safe is basically hand made to your specification.
They offer several levels of security

Bishop Series – 1/4″ plate body steel & 1/2″ plate steel
door (1,225 lbs – 2,340 lbs)

Castle Series – 1/2″ plate body steel & 1″ plate steel door
(1,800 lbs – 3,600 lbs)

Emperior series -1″ body steel & 1-1/2″ door steel (2,700
lbs – 5,400 lbs)

Fortress series -1″ body steel & 1-1/2″ door steel (2,700
lbs – 5,400 lbs) (Fortress door consists of a layer of A-36 steel & a
layer of manganese)

General Features:(Allow 20 weeks when ordering)
**1-1/4″ Stainless Steel Bolts, Hardened-Steel Ball-Bearing plates protecting lock, randomly positioned Live Re-lockers both thermally & mechanically activated. Fortress Series also has additional anti-drill barriers; Carbide Chip Plates & Deflector Plates (which are available as options on the other
series safes).Fire protection – Body has 1.5″ of insulation with inner steel wall, door has high temperature heat and smoke seals plus a layer of insulating material.

Castle Series -C7248


-3,600 lbs.

-Granite Textured Finish

Options -#6  Interior

2″ of fire insulation, 1″ thick
solid steel door. Note; heavy
corner reinforcing and small
space between door and door