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Featuring: External Hinges

-Heavy duty construction
-Reinforced edges
-Heavy Plate Steel Doors
-External Hinges
-Triple Step Doors
-Door mounted storage pistols, etc.
-Fire Ratings up to 1865°F 110-minute fire rating

*What we like about the Superior safes besides their great looks is their massive construction features.

Superior offers 4 levels of security & fire protection.

Untouchable Series

3 sizes: 45-65 cu.ft.

Body Steel: 1/4″

Door Steel: 2 layers 1/2″+10 ga.

Fire Rating: 2 Hours @1,865 Degrees F

weight: 1,775-2,300 lbs.

Supreme Series

4 sizes: 35-65 cu.ft.

Body Steel: 3/16″(7ga.)

Door Steel: 2 layers 3/8″+10 ga.

Fire Rating: 110 minutes@ 1,865 degrees F

weight: 1,285-1,975 lbs

Master Series

5 sizes: 17-75 cu.ft.

Body Steel: 10 ga.

Door Steel: 2 layers 3/16″+12ga.

Fire Rating:

90minutes@1,650 degrees F

weight: 875-1,750 lbs.

Regal Series

4 sizes: 25-60 cu.ft.

Body Steel: 11 ga.

Door Steel: 2 layers 3/16″+12ga.

Fire Rating: 75minutes@1,500 degrees F

weight: 720-1,275 lbs.

Ironside Series

5 sizes: 15-45 cu.ft.

Body Steel: 12 ga.

Door Steel: 2 layers 12 ga.+14ga.

Fire Rating: 60minutes@1,200 degrees F

weight: 450-900 lbs.

Vault Doors -several models available, please see factory website.